Software Engineering

Agile approach to software engineering

Agile techniques and frameworks stress the iterative delivery of working software, rapid and flexible reaction to change, and harnessing feedback to improve user-focused outcomes. The Agile method of software development typically results in a product that is conceived, produced, and verified to minimize risk and maximize business value. Agile engineering approaches are commonly used to respond quickly to market opportunities, speed up software development, and minimize costs.

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    Custom application development

    Smidige creates custom solutions from the ground up, ensuring that they integrate seamlessly with existing environments and systems.

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    Platform-based customization of products

    With an in-depth understanding of technological platforms and components, we develop software with the optimal combination of out-of-the-box and custom features.

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    Legacy application redesign

    We offer legacy systems a fresh lease on life by redesigning them, refactoring their code, migrating them to modern platforms, and reviewing their architectures.

Driving business transformation

Smidige employs agile approaches for most of our client projects. We have qualified Agilists who excel at implementing Agile processes at all phases of the development process. We assist clients in adopting an Agile mentality as well as specific Agile approaches and frameworks such as Scrum, Kanban, Lean, CI/CD, and the Spotify Squad Model. We also assist clients in structuring their Agile development processes for efficiency and scalability, as well as providing customized tracking metrics.

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    Digital enterprise

    Business process solutions, analytics, employee collaboration, and engagement. ERP systems, Process automation, Knowledge management, and more...

  • 2
    Customer experience

    Solutions to automate services, sales, analytics, and communication with customers. Customer data management, Customer service automation, Customer portals, and more...

  • 3
    Digital commerce

    Solutions for successful B2C and B2B transaction and interaction management, secure accounting, and seamless document lifecycle management. Ecommerce, Vendor management, Billing and accounting, and more...

  • 4
    Data analytics

    Solutions for leveraging historical and real-time data insights to power business decision-making and strategy development. Big data management, Anomaly detection, Data visualization, and more...

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Our personalized software delivery framework

  • Business Analysis

    Our business analysts gather, analyze, and structure the functional as well as non-functional requirements. This is followed by a detailed roadmap for solution development.

  • Prototyping

    Our team creates wireframes and prototypes based on the deliverables from the business analysis phase to assess software feasibility and obtain early feedback.

  • Product Design

    Our UI/UX designers translate the collected requirements and prototypes into the design of the product. We define user personas and set up product usage scenarios, navigation, and interactive components.

  • Development

    Smidige creates custom solutions based on the best Agile principles, breaking the process down into short iterations with quick deliverables, while emphasizing the solutions' easy management, integration, and scalability.

  • QA & Testing

    We combine development with continuous quality assurance and testing to ensure software performance and behavior, as well as to assess the functional health of all software components.

  • Maintenance & Support

    We provide varying levels of software support based on your needs, addressing a wide range of issues such as software upgrades and functional improvements, performance monitoring, and more.

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Complete service scope

All services

All services

IT Consulting

Helping you ensure that your present and future business demands are aligned. With Smidige's assistance, you'll be able to make the most of the IT infrastructure that's driving your success.

Software Engineering

Our agile approach allows us to create high-quality software solutions that meet the changing demands more cost-effectively and quickly than ever before.

Cloud Services

Let us review your current on-premises infrastructure before moving to the cloud or find underutilized resources that are preventing your cloud solutions from performing better.

Atlassian Services

Our Atlassian service portfolio is comprised of all the activities required to enable a successful transformation journey, a seamless migration, and a certified setup of your stack.

Managed IT Services

Greatly reduce the cost of application ownership and keep system functionality up to date by using Smidige's managed services while concentrating on your core business activities.

DevOps Solutions

Smidige can help you adopt DevOps best practices such as cloud integration, CI/CD, GitOps, containerization, DevSecOps, AI/ML, and AI Ops, among other things.

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