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Retreatpartner’s Cloud Migration Success Story




Retreatpartner is a digital platform dedicated to holistic seminars and personal growth experiences. Based in Germany, the company connects individuals with a wide range of offerings in yoga, self-awareness, and alternative healing methods.

Catering to both participants and seminar leaders, Retreatpartner fosters a community centered on personal development and spiritual growth. Facing the need for an enhanced and scalable digital infrastructure, they approached Smidige to transition their workloads from to AWS, aiming for improved performance, security, and global reach.


Retreatpartner, like many emerging startups, initially hosted their MVP-type workloads on due to its ease of use and straightforward setup. However, as they expanded, they encountered limitations in scalability and performance. Their infrastructure, while effective for initial growth, struggled to meet the increasing demand and complexity of their services.

Security and data management also became growing concerns, as their platform dealt with sensitive personal information. Recognizing these challenges, Retreatpartner realized the need to migrate to a more robust and scalable solution to support their evolving business needs and global aspirations.


In Smidige’s solution for Retreatpartner’s AWS migration, the process began with assessing the current setup and configuring initial AWS settings. This involved close collaboration with Retreatpartner’s engineering team for replicating the backend and database. Following this, Smidige implemented a comprehensive AWS configuration, setting up AWS Fargate for Django, Elasticache for Redis, RDS for PostgreSQL, along with IAM permissions and roles. Data migration to RDS, Dockerfile modifications, ECR configuration, and GitHub actions for AWS deployments were also integral parts of this stage.

Retreatpartner’s high-level AWS architecture.

The project then moved to validation and testing, ensuring the migration’s success through end-to-end tests and necessary infrastructure and code adjustments. The final phase focused on documentation and training, providing Retreatpartner with detailed guidelines on the new environment and ongoing support.


The migration project led by Smidige brought significant achievements for Retreatpartner:

  1. The shift to Fargate and other AWS services significantly improved the platform’s ability to scale and perform under varying loads.
  2. The new AWS setup ensured better data protection, security measures, and compliance with relevant regulations.
  3. The migration to RDS and Elasticache streamlined data handling, enhancing the overall efficiency of Retreatpartner’s data processes.
  4. The updated build pipeline and GitHub integration facilitated a more efficient development process, allowing for quicker deployment and updates.
  5. Through comprehensive documentation and training, Retreatpartner’s team gained essential knowledge to manage and evolve their AWS infrastructure effectively.


The successful migration of Retreatpartner to AWS has had a profound impact on their business operations and growth potential. Retreatpartner now boasts a robust, scalable cloud infrastructure that aligns with their expanding needs and vision.

This technological advancement has not only enhanced their service reliability and security but also empowered them with the agility to innovate and adapt swiftly in the dynamic digital landscape. The project has set a new benchmark for their operational excellence, significantly contributing to their mission of connecting communities through holistic seminars.


The technology stack for Retreatpartner’s new environment included Fargate for efficient container management and scaling, Elasticache for Redis providing enhanced caching capabilities, and RDS for PostgreSQL for reliable database services.

IAM roles and permissions were meticulously configured for security, while Docker and ECR were utilized for container orchestration and repository management.

Additionally, the integration of GitHub actions streamlined the deployment process, aligning with modern DevOps practices. This suite of AWS services and tools played a crucial role in transforming Retreatpartner’s digital infrastructure.

About the Partner

Smidige, an AWS Select Tier Services Partner and a Cloud Services Provider, stands out for its open, collaborative ethos. With a global network of AWS experts, Smidige effectively tackles complex cloud challenges. Their work with Retreatpartner highlights their skill in crafting scalable, innovative solutions tailored for AWS infrastructure, underscoring their expertise in cloud technology transformations and strategic implementations.

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