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Ensure business agility by future-proofing your infrastructure

Cloud consultancy helps businesses with recognizing and reaping the benefits of cloud computing as well as with meeting challenges to any existing cloud solutions. Smidige's cloud consultants can help you with migration to the cloud platform of your choice, as well as with cloud development, integration, and redesign.

  • Strategy Strategy
    Cloud consulting

    Regardless of the cloud maturity level or short- and long-term business goals, all businesses that invest in cloud applications must follow certain best practices.

    They should develop and implement a clear cloud adoption roadmap in order to harness the power of the cloud, increase business agility, and save spending on cloud activities.


    Our cloud consulting services include cloud readiness assessment and selection of an optimal setup, architecture, roadmap creation, and development of proofs-of-concept (PoCs).

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    Infrastructure assessment

    The journey to the cloud starts with a comprehensive assessment of your infrastructure, applications, and processes.

    We will work with you to carefully analyze your IT infrastructure and business objectives and will then plan your cloud application development and/or migration in accordance with your most important business priorities and organizational capabilities.

    We will also examine the current state of the software in use in order to plan its cloud migration and integration into your enterprise's digital ecosystem.

  • Strategy Strategy
    Migration to cloud

    Some of your systems may simply be re-hosted on cloud infrastructure with no changes to the application code. This method can help enterprises needing to transfer old workloads out of their data centers by a specific deadline or needing to get to the cloud rapidly and in the least complex way possible in order to proceed with future cloud software development.

    While the lift-and-shift approach does not unlock all of the cloud's capabilities, cost-effectiveness, and value, it can be a first step in the cloud transformation path, followed by gradual application optimization and deeper use of cloud-native services.

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Our tech expertise

  • Cloud migration

    Smidige performs complex direct and multistep cloud migrations. We not only physically move a system and set it up in a new environment, but we also improve its features, UI/UX, performance, and security to create a sustainable solution that is easy to use and manage.

  • Architecture redesign

    The redesign of software architecture is a crucial component of Smidige's cloud migration consulting scope. To convert legacy on-premises infrastructures to cloud-native, we typically rebuild them. We deliver cloud architectures that are simple to implement, set up, and scale in the future, architectures based on our best practices and experience.

  • Cloud-first development

    In line with business requirements, our team creates custom solutions from the ground up. Our cloud-ready systems are equipped with integrated security and connectivity features, making further deployment and customization a breeze.

  • Cloud integration

    We solve integration problems by connecting cloud apps to on-premises or other cloud solutions. By establishing an interconnected environment, we ensure barrier-free data exchange and workflow management while preserving the ecosystem's immunity and flawless performance.

Cloud deployment models

The cloud comes in several forms, and our job is to help businesses choose the one that best matches their business needs and compliance policies.

Public cloud

We recommend public clouds when businesses are willing to give up exclusive ownership of their software in exchange for multi-tenancy with minimal management effort.

We advise businesses to use private cloud deployments when they need to maintain software autonomy while also being able to administer their cloud solutions in a manner similar to on-premises ones.

We build virtual private clouds that combine the strengths of public and private clouds, allowing enterprises to overcome the private vs. public debate.

We recommend that businesses use a hybrid cloud if they wish to benefit from the openness and flexibility of the public cloud while maintaining complete control over important company workflows and data in their on-premises infrastructures.

We use our cloud computing consulting skills to help our customers understand and successfully manage complex cloud ecosystems that include several cloud deployment models or cloud solutions from multiple providers.

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Cloud platforms we excel at

  • Platform Platform

    Smidige delivers AWS consultation, development, and operational support to businesses. We rely on AWS to deliver enterprise cloud solutions, microservices, infrastructure as code, CI/CD automation, and much more.

  • Platform Platform

    When it comes to building cloud-first apps, such as IoT and ML software, Azure is our preferred platform. It provides tremendous processing power as well as world-class data protection.

  • Platform Platform

    Smidige also boasts expertise in the Google Cloud Platform (GCP), tapping into its advanced analytics, AI, and diverse cloud solutions. Whether it's harnessing BigQuery for data insights or deploying containerized applications with Kubernetes Engine, we've got your GCP needs covered.

  • Cloud-enabled microservices

    Our experts create cloud microservices-based architectures by breaking down applications into independent services that communicate via APIs.

    We prefer a microservices architecture over a typical monolithic architecture to ensure that the delivered applications are simple to install, administer, and troubleshoot. We also want our solutions to be easily extendable by scaling up with individual services rather than by expanding the entire deployment.

  • Micro

    Cloud containerization

    We help companies implement cloud containers by using the capabilities of the world's largest software containerization technologies, including Docker, Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, and others.

    We separate software packages from the operating system by utilizing a container-based approach to deploying and maintaining cloud applications, making them easily portable to and compatible with any platform. We achieve the highest level of cyber-security and performance by combining cloud containers with a microservices architecture.

Intelligent cloud

Smidige helps businesses bring the power of the cloud to their resource-demanding solutions, whether they use AI, IoT, or big data.

  • Cloud for AI

    We use the cloud to train and deploy machine-learning models, perform content mining and cognitive services, and build highly intelligent chatbots. We transform the cloud into hubs for hosting ready-made AI solutions or sandboxes for AI projects.

  • Cloud for IoT

    Smidige's team combines cloud and IoT technologies to help our customers build and manage complex environments of connected devices and data. Our IoT solutions power industrial operations, support connected home apps, and enable millions of people to access public IoT.

  • Cloud for big data

    We address the pressing challenges of big data storage, processing, and visualization by leveraging the cloud computing capabilities. In order to provide businesses with relevant operational and customer data in a secure and compliant environment, we adjust cloud capacity to the volume, velocity, and variety of big data.

Cloud consulting services: extras

When looking for cloud consulting partners, businesses frequently require support for a wide range of cloud-related duties that extend beyond initial deployment and setup. We offer this additional assistance to all of our customers.

  • Security

    By adding cloud-specific security measures, we eliminate any cloud security problems. Our experts employ optimal security techniques to ensure that your cloud deployment is resilient to ever-changing assaults and fully complies with international and industry-specific legislation.

  • Mobility

    We use our skills to ensure that your cloud-based applications work effectively across mobile platforms and devices. We deliver improved employee and system connectivity, functional agility, and robust security to every cloud project with critical mobile requirements.

  • Administration

    When you don't have the internal resources to manage your cloud implementation, Smidige can step in. We offer all levels of cloud deployment support and continuous management to ensure that your solution is always up to date, secure, and meets the demands of its users.

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Complete service scope

All services

All services

IT Consulting

Helping you ensure that your present and future business demands are aligned. With Smidige's assistance, you'll be able to make the most of the IT infrastructure that's driving your success.

Software Engineering

Our agile approach allows us to create high-quality software solutions that meet the changing demands more cost-effectively and quickly than ever before.

Cloud Services

Let us review your current on-premises infrastructure before moving to the cloud or find underutilized resources that are preventing your cloud solutions from performing better.

Atlassian Services

Our Atlassian service portfolio is comprised of all the activities required to enable a successful transformation journey, a seamless migration, and a certified setup of your stack.

Managed IT Services

Greatly reduce the cost of application ownership and keep system functionality up to date by using Smidige's managed services while concentrating on your core business activities.

DevOps Solutions

Smidige can help you adopt DevOps best practices such as cloud integration, CI/CD, GitOps, containerization, DevSecOps, AI/ML, and AI Ops, among other things.

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